The Happiness Lab Starter Pack

The Happiness Lab Starter Pack

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The Happiness Lab is a six-week experiment that enables delegates to explore what psychologists, doctors and faith leaders say will make people happier. 

Based on a series of fly-on-the-wall documentaries delegates follow twelve people as they explore the following disciplines.The idea is that as we observe their journey space is created enabling us to engage in a conversation about our own happiness.

The themes of each episode are:
Episode 1: Focusing on gratitude and savoring
Episode 2: Practicing acts of kindness
Episode 3: Learning to forgive
Episode 4: Investing in friends and family
Episode 5: Looking after your body and soul
Episode 6: Developing coping strategies

This pack contains: 1 Facilitator's Guide, 10 Delegate's Workbook, 1 DVD, 1 'The 8 Secrets of Happiness', 1 '101 Happiness Experiments', a set of Question Cards and a Downloadable Media Pack.

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