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10:10 Starter Pack

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This pack contains: 1 x Printed Leaders Guide & 1 x Memory Stick containing films, PowerPoints and supporting materials.  

10:10 is an innovative wellbeing resource to help young people discover how to live differently and find their best life. Exploring 10 themes built on spirituality and positive psychology it will give 11-17 year old’s the opportunity to explore different ideas around happiness and the art of living well.

10:10 is ideal for churches, schools and community youth projects. It can be adapted for use in small groups, lessons, lunch time clubs, assemblies, discussions and talks. You could run 10:10 as a course or you could pick out themes to deliver as and when you need them in a way that suits you. There is at least 30 hours’ worth of material in 10:10. 

In this starter pack the printed leaders guide is packed with lots of content to help you explore each theme successfully, with helpful facts to assist you where you need them. You will also receive a memory stick containing films, PowerPoints and supporting materials for each of the themes.  There are films that introduce each theme as well as input from experts so you can hear what doctors, psychologists and youth workers have to say about the topics.

The 10 Themes are:
  1. Finding Happiness
  2. Live Now
  3. Thankfulness
  4. Kindness
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Relationships
  7. Body
  8. Mind
  9. Soul
  10. Mixing it Up


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