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Puzzling Questions Starter Pack

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Puzzling Questions provides a space where our friends can take time to explore some of life’s deeper questions, discover the issues that really concern them, develop their own spiritual vocabulary and connect with others who are on a spiritual journey too.

The course covers the following questions: Who am I? What is God like? What happens after I die? How can I be happy? Why is there suffering in the world? What is the spiritual realm and how does it impact my life?

To make running a Puzzling Questions group as easy as possible we have put together a Starter Pack.

The pack contains everything you need to run a Puzzling Questions course.

Pack includes: 1 Leader's Guide; 5 Delegate Workbooks; 1 'How Can I Be Happy and Other Conundrums' (a book for those who want to read more deeply); Video Content (Previously a DVD, this content is now available online for streaming or download), downloadable Media Pack that contains all that you need to advertise the event (editable files for posters, postcard invites, web banners, data slide and logo).

This course is currently being updated so we are discounting this version as it was published in 2012.