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Table Talk for Christmas

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Table Talk aims to provide a fun way in which people can begin to have conversations about the important questions in life.

What's in the box?

Table Talk for Christmas is a conversational game that explores some of life's deeper questions through the lens of the Christmas story.

Every Table Talk game has 6 themes, with 16 questions exploring each theme.

The themes in Table Talk for Christmas are below (with an example question):
Christmas Eve: Are you naughty or nice?
Christmas Day: Why did the turkey cross the road?
Boxing Day: What would you queue for in the sales?
Christmas week: Who would win - Wise Men or Shepherds?
New year's Eve: What gesture best sums up the past year?
New year's Day: What superpower do you want for the year ahead?

This is an all age Christmas conversational game to be played over the festive period for 6 - 8 players. Written by Lucy Moore, Joanne Cox-Darling and Paul Griffiths.