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Table Talk for Wellbeing

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Table Talk aims to provide a fun way in which people can begin to have conversations about the important questions in life.

This game is based on the '5 ways to well-being', a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s wellbeing. Each of the themes in this pack is based around one of these five areas. The sixth set uses pictures to depict different emotions, the purpose of this is to help people talk about how they are feeling.

What's in the box?

Every Table Talk game has 6 themes, with 16 questions on each theme.

The themes in Table Talk for Wellbeing are below (with an example question):
Connect: Does anyone know the real you?
Give: Have you ever felt blessed by God?
Take Notice: What piece of music do you get lost in?
Keep Learning: What can stop us from trying new things?
Be Active: What's the best song to dance to?
Emotions: (Asking questions through pictures)